Can Art encourage generosity, giving and aid? A painting for Marguerite is born to create a platform where art and aid are connected

The main goal of our initiative is financing education projects by means of art. Charity is our guiding spirit and we will carry it out through artistic and cultural activities.
Carefully selected projects will be managed professionally and monitored over time.
Special attention will be given to different forms of artistic expression, all of which are geared towards a cultural movement inspired by generosity and altruism.
The A Painting for Marguerite initiative also aims to organize events dedicated to selected projects and to promote new ones, all while offering great exposure to the artists involved.

Investment in education

We believe that investing in education should be a priority when it comes to the development of a community or nation. The word development fully reflects our vision, because investing in education means believing in people and their growth.
The investment in education is not limited to building schools and universities, but to help students complete their coursework.
We believe that culture is not merely scholarship, but it is also possessing the values and critical knowledge of the world which is necessary to learn to respect others and to gain awareness of your own actions.
Having a good and healthy education not only offers more opportunities in the job market, but also allows you to see the world in a different way.
Every human being deserves a quality scholastic education, but unfortunately, in many countries near and far, it is not possible due to war, violence, corruption, discrimination.
Hence the mission of A Painting for Marguerite

Marguerite’s story

On October 12, 1993, two days after her Tutsi family was killed by the Hutu in Burundi, Marguerite Barankiste stood in front of a Hutu home to stop a group of Tutsi locals who wanted revenge. Unfortunately, the Hutu tied her up and killed 72 people in front of her.

From that day on, Marguerite realized that her mission was to fight the violence that took over her country, and give children the opportunity to experience an alternative to hatred. This is why she decided to found Maison Shalom that created a safe haven for orphans and children in need of every ethnicity and origin.

She received numerous awards for her work, including Aurora 2016 for the Awakening of Humanity and the award for the Prevention of Conflicts, delivered by Kofi Annan.

When conflicts in Burundi resumed in 2015, Marguerite requested its president to be put before a judge from the International Criminal Court, but that resulted in her being forced to flee to nearby Rwanda where she currently lives and continues to manage Maison Shalom.

How it all started

In 2017, Costanza Alvarez de Castro, founder of A painting for Marguerite, was invited to the Vatican in order to attend the Voices of Faith 2017, an event that inspired extraordinary women from all around the world to speak up. They told their stories of faith, courage, beauty and joy. The testimony of Marguerite Barankiste was the one that struck Costanza deeply, igniting her desire to actively participate in projects geared towards those who needed support.

This is how Costanza came up with the idea of bringing together art, her greatest passion, with her desire to help others. She decided to start an initiative called A Painting for Marguerite. Shortly after, she was joined by Iacobella, Suzanne, Alice and Jelena. Their main goal is financing education projects all around the world.

A Painting for Marguerite was born with the idea of creating a meeting point between charity and art. Therefore, its main goal will be supporting education projects through works of art.

The initiative’s name was inspired by the work of Marguerite Barankiste who was particularly active in Burundi and Rwanda, the founder of Maison Shalom, and with whom we concluded our first project.

Special thanks to Chantal Goetz and Voices of Faith