Oasis of Peace | Rwanda

Project financed through the painting Rain Forest by Costanza Alvarez de Castro

When you invest in education, not only do you invest in the institution, but also in the people. When you give a child a good education, you are not only giving them an opportunity to go to school or university, but the possibility to learn fundamental principles such as respect for others and the importance of sharing. This is why we decided to help young refugees living in Kigali. Funding will be provided for 20 students for cooking classes and sewing for 15 students by Maison Shalom. Shipping costs and necessary materials for starting their own small businesses after finishing their studies will be financed by our initiative.

Also, volunteers visit the Oasis of Peace center, a community center created by Maison Shalom, daily to help young refugees learn English. Part of the funding needed will be used for providing lunch and transportation to the volunteers.