Iacobella Gaetani

Was born in Kelowna, Canada in 1982. She lived in New York and Brazil, and then continued her studies in Italy and in England where she graduated with advanced level qualifications. She traveled to many countries, always involved in volunteer and co-op projects.

In 2000 and 2002 she spent several months at the Mother Teresa’s Center in Addis Abeba. Afterwards, she moved to Madrid to resume her studies attending CIS at the American University. She finished the last 2 years of her studies at Parsons New School of New York.

In 2005 she traveled to India where she spent time in Calcutta at the Mother Teresa’s Center. She then continued her journey working as assistant director and actress for the documentary Iaco’s directed by Gaia Franchetti.

In 2010 she went back to Africa to film a documentary for the 100percent2thechildren foundation that focused on children who live in the world’s largest dumps. In 2009, she decided to return to Italy, her country of origin. She went to live in Rome where she started working in the film industry as assistant director for Giovanni Piperno, a documentarian. Finally, she decided to dedicate herself entirely to establishing her brand, Iacobella: Naked & Sacred.

Recently, she developed a passion for climbing, not just as sport, but primarily as a path of soul-searching and getting to know her own body. This activity often takes her around Italy and the world which is a new way of traveling and experiencing life from a different angle.