Jelena Cerović

Jelena Cerović was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia in 1989 where she first discovered her interests in languages, literature and dancing. Ever since, these have become her passions which have led to many awards and recognitions at the national and international levels.

Jelena first graduated from a well known Serbian school for gifted students, The Philological Secondary School, geared towards those particularly talented in humanities and art, with a special focus on languages and literature. She studied English and German, but as she entered the University of Belgrade, Jelena switched to Italian studies, which she absolutely fell in love with and where she found her true calling. At the very beginning of her twenties, this passion led her to Rome, her second home, where, as a European Scholarship holder, she completed her B.A. at La Sapienza University. She then continued on to earn her M.A. graduating summa cum laude at the University of Rome, Roma Tre.

While working on her studies, Jelena also pursued a path as a professional latin and ballroom dancer, initially competing for Serbia, then for Italy. This brought her to New York, where she currently lives and is continuing to follow her dance dream. Even while dancing, Jelena never stopped writing, translating, or exploring the magical world of literature.

She believes that a well-rounded education, an encouraging environment, and feeling loved, safe, and appreciated are the key factors for becoming a happy, healthy person and living a quality life. Therefore, she is excited to help and contribute with her art to A Painting for Marguerite in every possible way.