Suzanne Phillips

Was born in Paris in 1989 to an Italian mother and English father. Suzanne has lived in France, England and Belgium, but spent most of her life in Rome, which she considers her true home. After graduating with a degree in Biology from Oxford University and earning a Masters in Environmental and Economic Development from London School of Economics in London, she worked for the European Commission in Brussels in the African, Pacific and Caribbean Agricultural Technical Center (ACP).

Since 2013 she has worked on rural-education related projects at FAO in Rome. She also was a lecturer of languages and scientific subjects for several years. That helped her understand the importance of student-teacher exchange, realizing that everyone can learn while offering something in return.

Through her activities, Suzanne has developed sensitivity toward the most vulnerable population from the outskirts of Rome to the rural area of Burundi, and works to give them an opportunity for autonomy and empowerment, inspired by Paulo Freire’s The Pedagogy of the Oppressed.

She believes that creativity, dialogue, education, and observation of nature are crucial for getting to know yourself and, therefore, living in harmony with others and with your environment. Furthermore, Suzanne is passionate about drawing, photography, kung fu and literature, all of which have allowed her to expand her horizons.